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RelaDyne is a private label blender and oil manufacturer based out of Cincinatti, Ohio. Provider of the highest quality oils and lubricants at a lower price point than other nationally branded products. All of RelaDyne's engine oils are API Certified and held to the highest standards available. RelaDyne offers a complete product line of oils for Industrial and Fleet, PCMO's, Hydraulic and Gear Oils.

 Engine Oils


   ALLFLEET Heavy Duty Engine Oil

  • Synthetic Blend - 15w40 CK-4

  • Synthetic Blend - 10w30 CK-4

  • Full Synthetic - 5w40 CK-4

   DuraMax Passenger Car Engine Oil

  • Synthetic Blend - 5w20 | 5w30 | 10w30

  • Full Synthetic Dexos - 0w20 | 5w20 | 5w30

  • Full Synthetic Global ATF

allfleet liqui armor.png


   ALLFLEET Hydraulic Oils

  • Premium Hydraulic AW 32 | AW 46 - 6500hrs

  • Premium Tractor Hydraulic J20C

   ALLFLEET Gear Oils

  • Full Synthetic - 75w90 GL-5

  • Full Synthetic - 75w140 LS GL-5

  • Conventional - 80w90 GL-5

  • Conventional - 85w140 LS GL-5

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